Weather Websites For Sailors

Posted by Michael Bandera - July 11, 2012 - Sailing Tip - No Comments

Weather stations and websites are often regionalized, which gives us a good overall picture of the weather conditions and forecasts.  However, because the area we sail, Barnegat Bay, has its own microclimate we often need a weather site that targets a more localized area.

Sailors not only need a reliable weather forecast but also a source for updated and real-time wind speed and direction.  Here are some of my favorite weather websites.  Some have personalized weather stations located right on the body of water you will be sailing on a few hours from now.

  1. NOAA / National Weather Service– all forecasts come directly or indirectly form them.
  2. Wunderground- excellent source of local, personalized weather stations.
  3. Sailflow-paid subscription service $119/yr.

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