Favorite Sailing Movies

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Here are a few of my favorite sailing movies.  I tried to pick a variety of sailing films including a nominated British naval adaptation, a wild comedy, an America’s cup inspired love story, and Nicole Kidman.

1.  Master and Commander – A 2003 film adapted from Patrick O’Brien’s British naval novels.  Nominated for 10 Oscars it starred Russell Crowe and Paul Betthany.  The sailing terms and battles involve great attention to detail.

2.  Captain Ron – A 1992 comedy about a middle-class family man who hires a laid back captain with a checkered past to sail his family through the caribbean aboard a newly acquired sailboat.  It featured Kurt Russell, Martin Short, and Mary Kay Place

3.  Wind – A 1992 film inspired by the America’s Cup sailboat racing series from 1983 thru 1987.  Several of the 12-meter class yachts that participated in the cup races are used in the film.  It stars Matthe Modine, Jennifer Grey, and Cliff Robertson.

4.  Dead Calm – A 1989 Australian thriller film based on the novel by Charles Williams.  It stars Sam Neil, Nicole Kidman, and Billy Zane.  It was filmed while sailing around the great barrier reef.

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