Sailing Knots- Bowline

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The bowline is among the most commonly used knots on a sailboat.   At the sailing school it is sometimes referred to as the “king of knots” because of it’s importance to sailors.  It is used by sailors to make a secure loop in the end of a line.  The bowline is also usefull to attach objects, such as a bucket or shackle, to a line.  One of the best uses of the bowline on a sailboat is to attach the jib sheets to the clew of a head sail.  The bowline is not only strong and secure but also easy to break loose later even after being under the great pressures of sailing.  Sailors often use the “rabbit in the hole” memory aid when tying the bowline.  The bowline is one of 5 knots required to receive an ASA 101 certification from Barnegat Bay Sailing School in New Jersey.

Make a “rabbit hole”




The “rabbit goes up the hole”





The “rabbit goes around the tree”




The “rabbit goes back down the hole”


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