Corporate Outings

Sailing offers one of the best environments for bringing people together and encouraging lively conversation and the sharing of ideas. Sailing charters and Corporate Outings are a fun and interactive way for your employees and clients to get to know each other. At Barnegat Bay Sailing Charters we offer 2 options for making your company excel at developing both client and employee relationships through sailing.

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Client Relationships

A sailboat offers a quiet, relaxed, and carefree atmosphere. Sailing creates an environment outside the office where you can get to know your clients better and build a relationship that leads to loyal repeat customers. Building and maintaining client relationships is a central part of a successful business. This 2.5 hour cruise includes snacks and beverages for up to 12 people.

Cost: $50/person

Team Building Workshop

A sailboat requires precise teamwork to make it perform smoothly. This aspect of sailing lends itself to the perfect vehicle for developing employee relationships. Team Building workshops strengthen co-worker relationships, renew passion for the company, and inspire brainstorming sessions that lead to greater productivity and creativity. During this 4.0 hr. learn to sail program a captain/instructor sails aboard each boat providing coaching and instruction while stressing the importance of working as a team. Each workshop is tailored specifically to meet your companies needs and can be organized for up to 12 people.

Cost: $75/person

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